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ViaBuia is an edgy, eclectic, Italian specialty bag brand with Brooklyn roots. Founder and creator, Christine Tortora, awarded the title of Brooklyn Rising Star in 2014, blends ne Italian exotic leathers with nostalgic upholstery fabrics to create unique textures, showcasing iconic damask prints in carefully designed urban shapes from the inside out. Each piece is considered “BagArt” and is characterized by its airy weight and eye-catching detail designed to travel be er, every day. The bags are Made in Florence with a team of talented artisans.

Shortly after her rst samples were made in Brooklyn, in 2013, ViaBuia made a rst appearance in specialty boutiques in the US, Italy, and London, where her iconic Pastina Camera Bag completely sold out. In January 2017, Tortora opened the rst ViaBuia store on Via Capo di Mondo in Florence and just this May, the brand discretely revealed a small and focused shoe collection – a series of must-have ats that retail under $200. The most recent ‘Nomad’ collection, featuring totes with fringe and pompom embellishments of Florentine passamanerie, is the current ViaBuia Spring-Summer vibe, all made in limited quantity.

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