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ViaBuia ~ Bag Art for Your Soul

I was at a wedding in Germany a few years back, and met an amazing woman there.  Upon talking to her, I came to learn that her name was Christine Tortora, and she was a designer.  She was currently designing handbags which she was carrying, and I immediately fell in love.  They were beautiful and unique.  The colors and textures were rich and bold. Often describe as steampunk and cool, these bags were unlike the typical manufactured labels you see these days.  This, I knew, was going to be an amazing brand.

She told me that “the DNA of ViaBuia is about being an individual and tapping into your emotions to choose a style that you connect with – a color, a texture, a nostalgic moment.  Each item is created uniquely and pieces together like a painting.  ViaBuia is BagArt: when you wear or hold it, it’s not about the label.  It’s about you and your story.  In a world where everyone is so exposed, dare to be unique.  ViaBuia means dark street and represents each of our paths.”

ViuBuia was born in Florence, Italy and Christine draws a lot of inspiration from her late Grandmother, Angie.  “She passed nearly 2 years ago and was and always will play a huge role.”  Christine also draws a lot of inspiration from “dramatic textures, art deco, Italian gothic architecture, black and white films, and the 40s as well as the 80s.”  

The first freestanding monobrand store just opened in Florence a few months ago, and Christine says her next stop is Brooklyn.  But if you can’t make it all the way to Italy, and can’t wait for the Brooklyn location to open up, check out her website where you can get these beautiful bags shipped right to your door.  ViaBuia   

ViaBuia makes a plethora of different styles in an array of colors and textures, and you have the option to get your bag monogramed. Totes, crossbodies, clutches, backpacks, and wallets are a few of the options you will find on her website. But one of the brands signature items is the Pastina Camera Bag.  It’s trendy and bold…a shape unlike any other, and definitely makes a statement.  

ViaBuia bags are versatile.  They can be dressed up for a night out on the town, or can be worn for a casual day out.  Personally, every time I pull out my ViaBuia wallet, people ask me about it.  It’s my favorite piece because I can add a cross body strap to it, and tranform it into a bag for when I need something smaller.  This is always great for those late nights in the city when you are going to bars and don’t want to carry around a bulkier purse.  I love how their bags are so detailed and intricate.  Every pocket you look into reveals a beautiful pattern of fabric.  No corner was ignored, and you can tell that these bags were made with love.

Great quality, amazing style, art at your fingertips.  Dare to be you..dare to be unique.  Chose your journey and express yourself with ViaBuia.

<3 P.S. New colors and creations are always coming out, so be sure to check out the newest styles.

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